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Index Option Buying

Course Overview

Suitability: This course is suitable for people who aspire to become full time traders and loves to analyze the LIVE market. It is advisable if you are an emotional person or scared of losses and not able to devote full time to trading then you should avoid this course. You should have the ability to wait for the right entry (patience is required) and have a never give up attitude. Students, Housewives, Retired persons and Self Employed having zero finance background can take up this course. People who are passionate about stock market intraday trading should definitely do this course. Conditions for joining this course: You should know the basics of candlestick and options You should be a full time trader You are not an emotional person You should have patience and never give up. Course Contents: 4 proven and powerful strategies with clear entry points- Stop Loss, Trailing SL, Position Sizing and Risk Reward Ratio How to create watchlist for index trading Important terms one must know in index trading Best Indicators for index trading Key point for directional move of market How to combine Price Action and F&O data to form a view of the market Important Trend Reversal Price Patterns Trade and Money Management


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