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Price Action Simplified

Course Overview

This course is suitable for people who want to make money by investing for 5 to 90 days. It is suitable for beginners who are new in the market and want to start investing after proper and complete study. Students, Housewives, Retired persons, Employee or Self employees having zero finance background can take up this course. People who are passionate about stock market investing should definitely do this course. Course Contents: 1. How to read Price Action Chart 2. Candlestick chart and various kinds of candles and how to interpret them. 3. Technical Indicators: Meaning, Which one to use, How to use them, Which are the best indicators? 4. Stocks Selection Screener for Swing Trading, Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST), Strong stocks and Weak Stocks 5. Swing Trading Strategy- Entry, Exit and Stop loss with Trailing Stop loss. 6. Trade Management, Risk Management, Money Management. 7. How to use Charting Software - Trading View 8. Trading Psychology


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