Certified Capital Market Professional Course

NSE Academy Certified Capital Market Professional (E-NCCMP) course is jointly certified by NSE Academy & Elearnmarkets (NSE Academy is a subsidiary of National Stock Exchange of India).

This course is a perfectly designed capital market course, to create a powerful knowledge bank on various tools and techniques required in depth understanding of  the functioning of capital markets. The course simplifies financial jargons like Equities, Currency, Mutual Funds, Derivatives and IPOs.

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It is a perfect blend of Fundamental Analysis, that help investor pick the right stock and Technical Analysis which will provide the correct entry and exit timing and prices of the stock through the study of charts. This Capital Market course will empower the Investors with knowledge about the markets so that they may be able to take the right decisions & not lose money by blindly investing based on investment advice provided by so called market pundits. Online NCCMP is the course to provide that knowledge.


The Objective of capital market course is to equip the students with necessary stock market theoretical and practical know how and provide the students an academic base so that students can apply the same in equity markets research for wealth creation. It introduces you to the process of how to find and analyze stocks, proper entry and exit time of the stock, determine the risk of a stock investment or trade, understand why markets move the way they do, and help you choose the right trading style as an expert trader for your personal goals. This course fulfills the objective of providing all relevant tools and techniques to understand the various facets of the capital market covering practical exposure.


Students enrolling for this programme will be entitled to attend weekly webinars for 2 months conducted by Elearnmarkets, free email query support, Question & Answer platform support and a Certificate by NSE Academy & Elearnmarkets.There are mock tests designed after each session to check and ensure the level of understanding of the students. All the knowledge content is provided by Elearnmarkets & NSE Academy.

Topics Covered

The topics covered in the NCCMP course are:

  1. Capital Market Structure

  2. Risks & Rewards of Equity Investing

  3. Mutual Funds

  4. Currency Markets

  5. Portfolio Management

  6. Macro Economic Analysis

  7. Fundamental Analysis

  8. Technical Analysis

  9. Derivative Market Strategies

Intended Participants

Suitable for Candidates who want to gain a thorough knowledge on capital market, particularly students of professional courses.Online NCCMP is useful course for fresher’s who would like to get introduced to the basic market terminologies and concepts. It provides knowledge fortification & exposure to practical application for graduating students, serving as an effective resume builder and ideal preparation for future career.

New Investors, Retail Traders, and Financial Service Professionals shall also benefit from this course as not only do we provide the book knowledge, but also the mentoring and training guidance, to help each student achieve their goals for investing or trading. It offers all the benefits of being online, thus helping students learn at self-pace and continue studying while working.


  1. 182 Videos

  2. 20+ Hours of Content

  3. 80+ Supplementary Study Materials

  4. Chapter-wise Tests

  5. Full Length Tests

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