Economics Study Tips

The Best Way to Study for Economics Exams One to Three Weeks in Advance

Congratulations on starting to study early! Here's what to do:

Ask your teacher for an exam outline and what to expect on the exam.Create an overview. Review your notes and any assignments you had. Review the course's main ideas.For each big idea, review its sub-topics and supporting details.Practice. Use old exams to get a feel for the style of questions you might be asked.


Be realistic.

No one can study for 8 hours a day.

Make sure you get plenty of food, sleep, and relaxation.

Try to study in the same place at the same time every day.

At the beginning of each study period review the last thing you studied for 10 minutes.

Rewrite your notes. It can help you retain information.

Read your notes out loud.

If you don't complete a particular task, don't worry just carry it over to your next session.

Don't simply memorize facts.

Ask yourself broad open-ended questions about the material that's been covered.

The Night Before the Exam

Sleep! Try to stick to review.

Don't try to learn anything new.

Picture yourself succeeding. One of the key elements for many world-class performers is visualization.

The Day of the Exam

Eat. Don't skip the meal before your exam because not eating can result in tiredness and poor concentration.

Arrive just a few minutes before your exam to avoid the usual wide-spread and contagious panic

During the Exam

Read all of the questions (except multiple choice) before beginning, and write notes on the paper for anything important that occurs to you as you read.If you're having a problem with one question move on and return to the problem question if you have time left at the end. Watch the clock.

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