How to study for CA Foundation

CA foundation is an entry level exam for students who have passed class XII.

Here are the best tips to

Prepare a Time-Table

The first step before starting your studies is to prepare a timetable. This is most important and try to follow the time table

Join the proper coaching

Teachers play a major role in the success and the failure of a student. Many of the students crack this exam without coaching with just passing marks.

Teachers are the candles who burn themselves to light others…

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Focus on Statistics and Logical Reasoning

Non-Maths commerce students are advised to focus on Statistics and Logical Reasoning because Maths does not seems to be a scoring subject for the Non-Maths students. Logical reasoning covers 20 marks and the remaining part is divided equally among Maths and Statistics. Therefore Non-Maths should focus mainly on Statistics and Logical Reasoning.

Prepare Your Own Revision Notes

The course is very vast and almost impossible to revise in a day so the best source notes to revise at the exam time is your own handwritten notes. So, always prepare your own short notes during your classes which will prove immense helpful at your exam time.

Command Over Calculator

ICAI does not want from its student to do the labor work that why it permits calculator in the CA exams. Papers are always lengthy so it has become very important to grab a command over the calculator. Learn the short keys like M+, M-, G etc. This will save your crucial time in the exam.

Take Short Breaks

If you want to study effectively then do not study continuously for the whole day. Take short breaks of 10-15 minutes in every 2-3 hour to refresh your mind. Start your day with the theory subjects because morning time is regarded as the best time to complete your theory subjects and thereafter practical subjects. End your day with the revision what you have done during the whole day.

Minimum Five Times Revision 

The course is vast and needed to get revise atleast five times before exams. Plan your revision efficiently i.e. revise each and every topic in your first revision and mark the same type of questions so that your precious time won’t get wasted in solving similar questions again. At the second revision try to complete a single question for each type and mark questions for your third revision which seems to be tough, important and needed one more revision. At your last and third revision, read the concepts and solve only those questions which you think need one more revision.

Model Test Papers (MTP)

CA Foundation Model Test papers have proven very helpful in clearing your exam. They taught you the time management and how to analyse the questions accurately. Offcourse it is most advisable to solve the mock test papers once you have completed the course. But most of the times it has seen that due to the lack of time, students won’t be able to solve the model test papers. Therefore it is advisable to solve the MTP’s with the end of the chapter and after completion of the course, solve the complete MTP. It’s better to face failure in the MTP rather than Final exams.

Focus on Presentation

With the introduction of the subjective paper pattern, the students will need to focus on the presentation. Don’t take it lightly as this is no more your school exams. In the professional exams and especially the CA Exams presentation matters a lot. Two of the papers in the syllabus are objective while the other two are subjective. Start practicing the questions in writing and tally them either with your mentors or suggested answers.

Revision in the last month

Set a target to complete your course in three months along with first revision and leave the last month for the last two revisions and solving the past attempt and mock test papers. You can’t waste your time in solving the question in the last month following the exam. Don’t jump over other reference books or another teacher's notes. Stick to your teachers' notes and solve the model test papers as much as you can.

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