India's first virtual Club for continuous Stock Market Learning and Analytics

Stock Market is known for its orientation towards knowledge. In fact there is a strong positive relationship between earning from stock market and the level of knowledge a participant posses.

Stock knowledge has two components - Learning and Ideas

Learning is a continuous process and even the most successful stock market professional in the world is an avid learner. Ideas have been largely driven by external agencies (including brokers) for most of the people. However, the wealth creation happens only when the process of idea generation is internalised by an individual.

All successful stock market professionals like Warren Buffett, Rakesh jhun jhun wala, Ramesh Damani and others have strong inclination to listen to ideas generated by others but eventually they invest only when the idea is proper vetted by their own intellect.

Stock Assist is a unique concept which is fulfilling both the needs of a market professional. It is a platform, supported by team of knowledge professionals with relevant experience, which helps the user to become independent in stock market.

The most important objective of this forum is make the users less reliant on external agencies for stock market participation and build his/her own skill set with the help of relevant mentors. It is a 365 days in a year and 24 hours in a day interaction platform.

To join the club, click on the image below

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