Learn Stock Market Trading and earn from home- Certified Professional Trader Course

CPT (Certified Professional Trader) is the flagship program designed to create a strong pool of professional traders in the Indian market. Recognized as one of the most rewarding careers internationally, this is a unique financial market course in India. For more details about the course contents, duration, fee and placement click on the image below

The distinctive feature of CPT is it’s a recorded and a live program giving practical hands-on in live market set-up taught by market professionals with the most relevant software. The student would learn financial markets starting from the extreme basics to the level of identification and strategizing of money making opportunities in markets.


Certified Professional Trader is a comprehensive program for those who wish to either begin a career in the capital market as a trader in equity, currency, commodity or derivatives with their own money or want to get into the job market.

The course is scientifically structured to help the participants understand basic concepts and terminologies relating to trading in the capital market and their application for trading in stocks, derivatives, currency and commodities.

This professional certificate course takes a two-pronged approach, focusing simultaneously on fortification of knowledge and exposure to practical application. The result is the creation of a powerful knowledge bank on the various tools and techniques required to understand the functioning and trading in the capital markets in various segments.

Throughout this very interactive and dynamic course, students will learn how financial markets are structured and the risk implications of trading with different products. This course is ideal for anyone seeking to understand financial market products and is particularly pertinent for financial professionals. This market research course is perfectly designed to expose a potential learner to trading. 


  1. Scientifically designed market research course by the market experienced knowledge team

  2. Certified Professional Trader certificate  - certified by Elearnmarkets having a lifetime validity

  3. NCMP Level 1 Certificate having a lifetime validity

  4. 4 NCFM Certifications having a 5 years Validity and 1 NISM Certificate having a 3 years validity.

  5. Access to Trading & Research Software products and apps like IMPACT, Bloomberg, Spider Investarindia, Netdania, Myfno, StockEdge, Excel etc.

  6. Up to date course curriculum together with an emphasis on practical learning.Preparation for statutory NISM certification, and all other NCFM certifications required for a satisfying career in financial markets.

  7. Free access to the buzzing community of Elearnmarkets to get all your queries answered within the shortest time possible.

  8. Free access to WhatsApp community for the best experience of peer learning.

  9. Market participants as Faculty members, therefore having extensive command on the practical aspects of the marketsFree access to a database of research reports.

  10. Free periodic webinars/workshop on relevant topics.

Topics covered

  • Foundation of Capital Markets

  • Fixed Income Interest Rate FuturesTechnical Analysis

  • Option Strategies

  • Derivative Analytics

  • Currency Market Analysis

  • Commodity Market Analysis

Intended participants

Certified Professional Trader is suitable for fresher’s who would like to build a rewarding career in the Capital Market and also Market Participants who want advance knowledge of analysis & trading method.

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