TIPS FOR THE STUDENTS OF BUSINESS STUDIES- CBSE Business Studies is a subject where sometimes simple common sense can make up for a temporary memory lapse. So trust your ability to think sensibly and do not lose heart. 1) During the reading time of 15 minutes, read the question paper carefully specially HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills), Case Study Based Question and check out the marks assigned to each question. Plan and organise your answers in your mind . 2) In a question with words like 'Enumerate', ‘Mention’, ’Outline’, ‘State’ or 'List', write explanatory points (complete sentence should be given regarding points) 3) For 1 markers-write answer in one word or one sentence, For 3 markers-write three points.(with explanation)For 4 markers -write 4 points.(with explanation),For 5 markers-write 5 points.(with explanation)For 6 markers-write 6 points.(with explanation) (Where the number of points to be given are specifically mentioned in the question, give only that many) 4) Try to write headings given in N.C.E.R.T or as given by teacher

5) Attempt all questions.(Write and explain whatever you know rather than leaving question completely)

6) in Value based Question ‘Values’ should be highlighted and explained in one sentence .

7) Give examples whenever possible.(Especially in questions of Differential Piece wage system, Trading on Equity etc.)

8) Write Ques. No. correctly before answring 9) Start the answer from the extract given in the question for clarity. Eg: question: “Internal sources of recruitment are better than external sources” Explain any five reason in support of this statement.(5 Marks) Ans: Internal sources of recruitment are better than external sources in following respects: (Write 5 points with explanation)

10) In question where process or steps are asked , write all points whether it is for 3, 4, 5 or 6 marks (explanation varies according to marks) Follow the proper sequence. 11) In questions like…… “Directing is the heart of management process” Do you agree? Give five reasons in support of your answer.(5 Marks) Start answer with your view Ans: Yes, I agree that Directing is the heart of management process. The reasons are : (Write 5 points with explanation)

12) 'Distinguish' or 'Differentiate' questions should always be written in tabular form preferably with basis column.

13) If possible give the diagrammatic representation of answer .Example: Scalar Chain, Communication Networks , Controlling process , Functional structure ,Divisional structure etc.

14) Business studies is a scoring subject, but you have to Focus on presentation; · Try to write answers in points rather than writing long paragraphs · Underline important parts, Keywords in explanation and headings of answers or use highlighter or black pen (do it simultaneously while writing answers)-Do not leave this for end · Do write question number clearly and strictly tallying with the question paper and leave few lines before attempting next question. · Follow a serial order. You may also follow the reverse order i.e. attempt 6 marks questions first, then 5, 4, 3 and 1 markers. · Leave one line after every point in answer. · If possible give the diagrammatic representation of answer. · Write all parts of answers at one place.

15) For learning and preparing subjects: · Do the course consistently rather than finishing it and leaving it · If you write down the points after learning you will retain better. · Start your studies well in advance, moving from simple to difficult concepts. · A thorough base makes it easier to assimilate information. Jumping immediately to processes and applications just because they carry more marks may not be fruitful if you are confused about basic concepts. · Acronyms may be used to make learning easier. For eg: to learn elements of Promotion mix(Marketing) Acronyms :APPS(Advertising, Personal Selling, Public Relations ,Sales Promotion) · Jot down the main points on separate sheets and go through those rather than the entire book.

16) Marking scheme of CBSE requires brief and to the point answer, therefore you should adhere the word limit and avoid writing long answers , You don't get more marks by writing longer answers , but you waste your time.

17) Divide your time between very short and long answers so that you don't run out of time while attempting the last questions.

  • All the best.

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