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Price Action Simplified Course 2.0 (F & O)

Course Overview

Course with 3 months mentorship What you will learn 1 .Candlestick Chart Pattern and their psychology 2. Technical Indicators 3. Swing Trading Stock Selection Screener 4. BTST Screener 5. STBT Screener 6. Strong Stocks Screener 7. Weak Stock Screener 8. How to use above Screeners 9. Basics of Future and Options 10. Intraday Strategy for Equity and Future 11 .Swing Trading Strategy in Stock Futures with Hedging and With out Hedging 12. Crude Oil Intraday Strategy 13. Crude Oil Swing Trading Strategy 14. Nifty and Bank Nifty Intraday Strategy 15. Expiry Day Option Strategy 16. Trading Psychology and Money Management 17. Three months Mentorship Support 18. Minimum Capital requirement (Rs. 10 to 15 lacs)


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