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Rajneesh Dua popularly known and RD sir is one the top mentors in Stock trading and Investing. Having total teaching experience of more than 20 years, he is a passionate trader and a qualified Research Analyst from NISM. His ability to make people understand complex stock market concepts has attracted many people to learn from his courses and mentorship program.

Rajneesh Dua


I am on a mission to help people understand complex stock market concepts in the most simplified way and mentor them to overcome two biggest enemies i.e “greed” and “fear”.


Our Courses

Manoj yadav
average rating is 5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People love it

I didn't know anything about stock market....after watching rajneesh sir YouTube video I came to know how to analyse the charts...and after doing hi course I can analyse charts and pattern.... rajneesh sir's explanation is very simple even any one can understand it.....very great mentor for all new commers in stock market.....thnks rajneesh sir....

average rating is 5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People love it

After completion of swing trading n price action course
I understood many things and especially where I been gone wrong and what should I do to correct my investment planning

Sir, has gone beyond by doing just teaching, mentoring , guiding, supporting but sir treated me as family member and supported n corrected me way I think and way my action to be. Can’t thanks enough for the same sir.

Previously I took two paid services. One is SEBI registered- they give call and then NO ownership of call , they don’t guide or reply your query etc

Second service also I had similar experience.

Finally I am in correct hand and I am thank you god for same.


"I was having strong eager to learn and that was not possible with prime member or telegram channel so asked sir to took webinar and don't believe it was set and completed. as my expectation was high and sir delivered more than that thanks l lot Sir the best thing now is that they will support us all time from now. I will suggest to others don't and watch join the webinar ASAP. Will be grateful for all your learnings"

Kiran Trimukhe

"Really as the topic says price action simplified - difficult analysis made simple with the use of minimum indicators and pure price action. The best thing was preparing the mindset for market with real life examples really happy and satisfied with the webinar. The strategy is also excellent and use of screener aswell. I recommend to attend the webinar to everyone."

Kewal Patil

"You can get content on you tube . But it's a whole different game altogether when u sit in a class and learn from zero . I knew the various indicators and yet made mistakes. But sir taught us when to enter where to enter ...also by joining this class a lot of your query is answered .. And the best thing about the lesson was about mind set ...and not to rush into a trade ...earlier I used to try and read charts ...but now trust me !!? The charts seem to be talking to me ...and above all I learnt this at a very very cheap rate . I'm super confident now ..can't wait to implement what I was taught."

Sanjay Sharma

Overall the class was good. For me I had been watching your videos for quite some time now, so I had idea what you are teaching. It was a good addition to my existing knowledge and came to know small small points. But I think this class will be very good for new learner’s. It is very simple straightforward and precise for beginners.

Rishikesh Yadav

"An eye opening session, unlike others where just theories are taught. Advantage of this session was that emphasis was more on practical approach with clarity on concept. I believe that those trainings are huge success where after finishing you are overwhelmed and realise that there is so much to do now, on your own. This was one of those sessions. "

Devashish Prakash

Rajneesh Sir, your teaching style and content is very good. Lot of people are charging a lot of money to teach all that your are giving at very nominal fees. Based on my many years of following & studying technical analysis, I can say with confidence that the content is outstanding. I would urge all investors specially retail investors & beginners to go through all the sessions and learn. Thereafter practice to attain mastery. Kind regards.

Lavneesh Mohan

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